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All clients that pay for their web hosting using PayPal must take the following steps:


  • Press | "My Products & Services"
  • Press | “View Details Icon” on the service or product you wish to cancel
  • Press | "Request Cancellation"


You will then be contacted by a member of staff within 24 hours to confirm the cancelation. All clients that cancel their accounts must be aware that once your account is cancelled, it is then removed from our servers. You (the client) must make sure you've made any backups of your site before you cancel your hosting package. We cannot provide you with any backups once your account has been removed from the servers.


PayPal Subscriptions

All clients that pay for their web hosting using a PayPal subscription, need to cancel their PayPal subscription with PayPal immediately. We will not take any responsibility and no refunds will be given to those that forget to cancel their PayPal subscription.


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