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In order to use your domain with your CSN-UK account you simply need to point the domain at the name servers that hosts your account. This can be done through the control panel provided by your domain registrar.


The name servers for your account are emailed within the welcome email, however if you failed to receive this or if you have any questions regarding this please submit a support ticket and proceed with those used below.


Bellow are listed a number of known registrars and the steps required to do this:


123-Reg (updated 27/01/08)

  1. Press “login to your control panel” enter your details and proceed
  2. Select the domain under the “Manage Domains” heading from the drop down menu and press “Modify”
  3. Press “Change Nameservers”
  4. Enter “” into the Nameserver1 field
  5. Enter “” into the Nameserver2 field
  6. Press “Change Nameservers”


If any errors occure please submit a support ticket.


Your domain has now successfully been pointed at CSN-UK’s servers, you should now allow 24 hours for your domain to propagate and for these changes to be made, however depending on your ISP and the registrar the effects may be instantaneous or up to 72hours.

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